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Introducing Niln – Mod for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Hello everyone, Xymbiot3 here welcoming you to the blog for Niln, an original ‘mod’ for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.  Currently Niln is still an early work in progress but I wanted to get the word out early so I can get lots of feedback before the final release.  So what exactly is Niln?

Niln is both the name of the mod and the settlement which this mod adds.  Without going into too much detail (you’ll find out plenty once the mod releases), the settlement is just outside the Imperial City and is comprised of around 10 homes ranging from a local farm to a schoolhouse.  Watch for a future update detailing more about the settlement of Niln.

Niln (the mod) will introduce 5 new quest lines surrounding the people that live in the settlement.  Each quest has several different endings, each with it’s own reward and consequences.  Each quest will have it’s own newly added audio voice overs.

Watch this mod by clicking that fancy little ‘Track this mod’ link over at on the right, I’d really appreciate that and any input you have on what you’ve seen so far.  And watch for more updates up until the mod releases detailing background information about Niln and it’s inhabitants.